Planning - Barker & Son ProcessPlanning

  • Meet with the customer and determine project goals
  • Provide on-site consultation of options and design possibilities
  • Perform a preliminary site review identifying property boundaries, obstructions and site conditions (pickup a plot plan from the customer if possible)
  • Project measurements are taken
  • We’ll do a review of the possible material selections (decking, colors, shingles, siding, etc.)


Analysis - Barker & Son Process

Analysis (internal)

  • Determine project complexity (management time/days to complete/material lead time/material availability)
  • Determine man/hours needed to complete the project and the type of crew/crews needed
  • Depending on the size of the project, we may ask the customer for additional design sessions to review options and budget allowance.
  • Identify best choice, lowest cost and highest quality materials for project


Design - Barker & Son Process


  • Determine whether we need an architect or engineer involved in the project
  • Create a project design (site map/blueprint/project sketch)
  • Explain material choice, cost considerations and quality of materials chosen to customer



Consultation - Barker & Son Process

Customer Consultation

  • In this phase, we’ll review the findings of our analysis and design efforts with the customer detailing out project specifications, timeline and budget
  • When the decision is made to move forward we’ll sign a contract and receive a down payment



Construction - Barker & Son Process


  • Site is prepped for construction
  • Material is delivered to site
  • Installation begins
  • Customer is kept up to date on project progress
  • Project is managed to the end


Wrapup - Barker & Son Process

Project Wrap-up

  • Completeness and quality check is performed by Barker and Son
  • Customer signs off on completed project
  • Lien waiver is given to the customer
  • We pick up final check




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