Need a Garage Addition To Increase Your Home Value and Provide Lots of Benefits

If you don’t have a garage, a garage addition is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. It is almost a necessity in today’s home. It’s a space we use for:

  • Outside storage
  • A place to work on the car
  • Protection from vandalism
  • Storing all of our outdoor work and recreational equipment

In addition to the above, many homeowners use new garage addition plans for living space as a mother in law house, or as additional space for a renter, or young adult not quite ready for home ownership. And an added benefit is that the cost of a garage addition is meager compared to moving into a new home!

Whatever the reasons or benefits, the garage addition checklist below will help answer some questions about building a garage addition when hiring Barker and Son – Design/Construction, because you want a St. Louis remodeling contractor who will do the job right – the first time!

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Plan Your Garage Addition With This Helpful Checklist

You probably have tons of home addition ideas, but before you go right after them, you and your remodeling contractor should first lay out a blueprint. When planning a garage addition, here are a few items to put some thought to in the planning phase.

  • Garage planning and design – Barker and Son Construction will create a full blueprint and design of the structure from top to bottom. Our design team will work with you to create the best plan depending on your property size and house footprint.
  • Zoning and code restrictions – we’ll pull all the necessary permits and identify all the zoning and code restrictions for your area.
  • Our plan will also show the traffic flow patterns of vehicles moving in and out of the space. We’ll also help determine the best size and shape of the structure for the intended purpose.
  • As always our design specialists will ensure the elevation will match the profile of any other structures on the property so the result will be a beautiful combination of structures that look similar.

Protect Your Investment With A New Garage Addition Design

If your home needs a garage addition, contact Barker & Son – Design/Construction for a free consultation today. We are a remodeling contractor in St. Louis that can create the right garage addition that not only protects your car but increase the value of your home.

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