Thinking About Adding a Gazebo or Pavilion to Your St. Louis Home?

When it comes to exceptional pavilion and gazebo design, Barker & Son – Design/Construction has you covered. We are known for creating some of the most beautiful pavilions and gazebos in the St. Louis area.

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends in St. Louis Pavilions and Gazebos

At Barker & Son, we stay up to date on all the latest trends and designs in St. Louis pavilions and gazebos. One trend we have seen emerge in the last few years is the outdoor living space. People are taking all the comforts of their home – kitchens, bars, living areas, even widescreen TVs – and recreating them outdoors. Now their families can enjoy beautiful spring, summer, and fall days under the protection of an outdoor shelter, like a Barker & Son pavilion or gazebo.

“Doug, your guys did a fantastic job on our pavilion, very skilled, friendly and had the job site picked up and clean each night. Good job.” Vicki and Harold H., St. Charles, MO.

Pavilion vs. Gazebo

The main difference between a gazebo and a pavilion is size. Gazebos are typically smaller, usually about 14’ x 14’. A pavilion is usually a much larger structure, which sits on a larger property. Gazebos provide the perfect setting for intimate gatherings, such as a small family dinner, while pavilions are a great space to host larger events, like family reunions.

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When Planning a Pavilion or Gazebo, Let Barker & Son Handle the Details

Boundaries and city codes play a very important role in planning for a gazebo or pavilion in St. Louis. If the structure is not attached to the home, it must be a certain number of feet away from the house, as well as the property boundary and easement. If the gazebo or pavilion is to be built near a backyard pool, additional rules and codes must be strictly followed. In order to create an outdoor living space, chimney codes, electricity, and plumbing must be incorporated in the initial design.

However, you don’t have to worry about all those small details. Let Barker & Son – Design/Construction handle that part for you. We have built gazebos and pavilions in almost every St. Louis community. And we are practically experts in St. Louis city and county building codes.

Designing a Gazebo or Pavilion: What to Consider

  • What type of roof? For a smaller gazebo, a typical roof style is square or rounded, whereas a larger pavilion would require a long gabled roof.
  • No-maintenance or cedar? Many people like the rustic look of large exposed cedar beams, while others want to make sure their gazebo or pavilion is maintenance-free. This would involve aluminum or vinyl clad columns, aluminum soffit ceilings, and fascia covered beams.
  • Outdoor living space? If your gazebo or pavilion plans include an outdoor living space, you’ll want to create a layout of all the cooking surfaces, seating areas, sitting walls, barstools, and countertops to be included before beginning construction. Electric and plumbing must be also planned in order to accommodate grills, sinks, lighting, and fans.
  • Fireplace? A fireplace adds a cozy ambience to any gazebo or pavilion. And it’s a major part of the gazebo design. Certain codes regarding chimney height and placement must be met.

Barker & Son – Creating Stunning Gazebos and Pavilions in St. Louis Since 2001

Barker & Son – Design/Construction is known for creating some of the most stunning pavilions and gazebos in the St. Louis area. We’re also known as being one of the most friendly, family-owned companies you’ll ever work with. Before we begin your St. Louis pavilion or gazebo project, our expert design team will sit down with you and answer all of your questions about planning, budgeting, and design.

We’re here to help you:

  • Determine the best place to build your pavilion or gazebo
  • Identify the best look and feel for the structure
  • Set a budget (Don’t worry; we’ll never try to up-sell you!)
  • Create a plan for the overall project

You can rest easy knowing that that all our work is fully insured, and that our knowledgeable installation teams are trained and certified in gazebo and pavilion design and installation. Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation. And picture the possibilities for outdoor entertaining underneath a beautiful gazebo or pavilion from Barker & Son – Design/Construction.

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