Make the Most of Your Basement Finishing

Barker & Son – Design/Construction is Your St. Louis Basement Finishing Expert

Remodeling a basement takes experience and a lot of planning, especially when you’re dealing with problems such as mold, uneven floors, water leaks and stairs that are not up to code. While you may be tempted to do it yourself, a total basement finishing directed by a trusted St. Louis remodeling contractor might be necessary.

In many St. Louis homes, the basement is just an empty space. Wouldn’t you love to carry out your basement finishing ideas and transform that wasted lower level into a finished basement that your family can enjoy? With a finished lower level or basement, you will get:

  • Additional square footage
  • Storage space
  • And a great place for the kids to play indoors when it’s cold outside

The basement finishing professionals at Barker & Son – Design/Construction have created hundreds of lower-level living spaces, and we do it better than anyone in St. Louis. With our talented design team, the possibilities for your basement living space are endless. Want a private sports bar in your home? Done. How about a vibrant play area for the kids? We can do that too. A custom home gym? No problem.

“Great job on the basement finish Doug. Our kids practically live down there now, and the grown-ups have reclaimed the upstairs!! Melissa and Dave, Ballwin, MO

How to Finish the Basement

There are many factors to consider when finishing a lower level. So much depends on how old your basement is. The older the basement, the more difficult and costly it will be to finish. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Hiring a professional – If you want your St. Louis basement-finishing project done right, you’ll want to hire a professional home remodeling contractor, like Barker & Son. You’ll need the expertise of an experienced professional to perform an initial inspection on the area to be finished. The first thing we’ll do is identify any existing code issues and determine what it will take to solve them.
  • Assessing water damage – Water and dampness issues are a common problem in basement finishing projects. You’ll want to have any dampness, water, or mold problems taken care of before work on your basement remodel begins. During our initial inspection, we will examine your lower level area for signs of water damage or dampness.
  • Creating a design – Taking care of these initial steps clears the way for the design phase to begin. Since you can’t really alter the square footage of a basement, determining measurements is a breeze.

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When Designing a Lower Level Finish, It’s All in the Details

An experienced basement finishing contractor like Barker & Son will help you perform the initial inspection on the area needing renovation. We’ll first identify any existing code issues and determine what steps are needed to solve them. Water damage is a common problem homeowners run into with basement finishing projects, so it is imperative that any mold or dampness problems are addressed before starting the renovation.

Once we have the all clear to proceed with your basement-finishing project, the skilled design team at Barker & Son of St. Louis will create a superior lower level design for your home. You can trust our remodeling contractor team to handle even the smallest details.

  • Egress windows – If your design plans include a bedroom, county codes require an egress window. Egress windows must meet very exacting standards in order to pass inspection. Barker & Son are experts at egress widow installation.
  • Moisture issues – You’ll want to have any dampness, water, or mold problems taken care of before work on your basement remodel begins. We will detail a plan to repair cracks, improve the grade outside, or install sump pumps to solve any water or moisture issues.
  • Ceilings – At Barker & Son – Design/Construction, we prefer to install drywall ceilings in our projects. They offer a more finished overall look.
  • Plumbing – Any plumbing issues you may have need to be tackled up front. Sometimes, plumbing needs to be rearranged to accommodate baths or wet bars.
  • Basement flooring – One of the best solutions for flooring in a finished basement is a stained concrete floor. Very few floor surfaces are as attractive and long lasting as a stained concrete floor. They never need refinishing and never need to be pulled up and hauled off like carpet when they get old
  • Finishing Touches – When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your new basement, anything goes. From kitchenettes, to added storage space, to custom trim and paint selections, we’ll work with you to create your perfect finished lower level living space.
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If you’re looking for a St. Louis basement-finishing contractor, look no further than Barker & Son – Design/Construction. Give us a call today to set up a no-cost consultation. Our talented design team is sure to create a finished lower level your family will enjoy for many years to come.

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