Add Value And Beauty To Your Home With An Egress Window

Barker and Son Construction is your St. Louis Egress Window Contractor

An egress window adds value to your home, and creates a living area that is much more bright and comfortable.  As opposed to the small basement windows of 40 years ago, an egress window adds an enormous amount of light to a usually dark basement.  As a result you and your family will spend much more time in this warm, comfortable area of your home.

In addition to a higher quality living space, an egress window increases the value of your home by adding “usable square footage” according to the MLS, when installed in a basement bedroom area.  Just by adding an egress window it increases the “value” of your home by adding square footage when it comes time to sell the home.  Call Barker and Son Construction today for an egress window estimate !!

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We Install Egress Windows That Meet All Building Codes And Compliance

Egress windows serve as an emergency escape route so firemen can get into the dwelling, and people in the basement can get out.  Along with an egress installation comes a lot of code and compliance regulations that must be designed into the project such as;

  1. Square footage of the “opening” of the window.  Not only must the window be a certain size, but the “clear opening” has to meet compliance as well.
  2. Window, well, ladder and top.  IRC (International Residential Code) is very specific about the well size, ladder, width and height of the window, and window sill height from the floor.
  3. An egress window must be present in any room where someone is sleeping.  Even though you may have a walkout basement, you still need an egress window in the room where someone is sleeping.

Egress Window Installation

Energy Star Certified Egress Windows

Barker and Son Construction installs Energy Star Certified Egress windows which is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency.  Barker and Son installs egress windows that have;

  1. Quality frame materials
  2. Multiple glass panels
  3. Low E glass, and gas filled panels

Call Barker and Son Construction today for a free estimate on an Energy Efficient Egress Window!!!

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Barker and Son Is Your Low Cost Egress Window Contractor

Barker and Son has been installing egress windows in the St. Louis area since 2001, and we do it better than anybody!!  Upon reviewing the project, we will put together a detailed plan that shows you exactly where the best spot is to cut in the window, and show you step by step how the process works.  Cutting a hole in your foundation wall is no small task, so you want to make sure you have the right contractor for the job!!

At Barker and Son, we sell a variety of egress window wells, ladders, windows and grates.  Whether your looking for the basic model to just get the job done, or a much nicer window well that will have some decorative qualities to it, Barker and Son has the skills and experience needed for the job.

Barker and Son is your St. Louis Egress Window Contractor that will get the job done right the first time !!

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