Clearing the Way for Your Demolition Project, Barker and Son is Your St. Louis Demolition Contractor

Barker and Son Construction is a St. Louis Demolition Contractor that specializes in residential and light commercial demolition. Safety on the job, and the assurance of “maximum customer asset protection” is job number one when we mobilize at the site. A good thorough demolition strategy is the key to a safe, predictable outcome. Barker and Son is fully insured and bonded for your toughest demolition projects.

Residential – House demolition

Old abandoned homes with foundation, structural and mold issues is a staple service we provide our customers. We specialize in hauling off old buildings to make way for newer custom homes anywhere in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Light Commercial demolition

Abandoned hotels, strip malls, schools, bridges and all other structures in the St. Louis metropolitan area is a job Barker and Son can easily handle. In addition to the entire building, many of our customers want to perform a “selective dismantle” of a single floor or two of a building. No matter what the specifications, Barker and Son will put together a plan to accomplish your demolition needs.

Barker and Son Is Your “Single Source” For A St. Louis Demolition Contractor

Home Demolition St. LouisThere is truly no demolition job too big or too small for Barker and Son. We are your “single source” St. Louis Demolition Contractor. The planning and management of a demolition job is the key to success. For every job that we take on we perform the following.


Every successful demolition begins with a comprehensive site assessment and job plan. We look at the job from a top level view and make sure all the pieces fit together before the job begins. Barker and Son is in charge of all the permits and inspections at the job site, and we are responsible for meeting all the air, ground and water specifications set forth by the municipality we are working in.


before a job begins, an engineering assessment is usually performed on the structure. We need to understand how it was built and its structural integrity at this point in time. We will provide any engineering needed to safely demolish the structure.

Construction/Subcontractor Management

One of the things that sets Barker and Son apart from the competition is its ability to mobilize all the correct resources needed to accomplish the job, no matter what the size. Barker and Son brings a wide breadth of construction management experience to the table on each job we tackle, so our customers gain the benefit of a general contractor experienced in architecture, engineering and demolition.

Demolition Waste Recovery/Material Recycling

Municipalities across the country are putting higher standards in place for waste disposal, salvaging raw materials, air/ground/and water resource management. At each site of engagement Barker and Son will put together a comprehensive plan for the identification, removal and disposal of all elements associated with the demolition.

Hazardous Materials

St. Louis Demolition ContractorDemolition projects that involve hazardous materials need a comprehensive plan of engagement to ensure the demolition job is done correctly, safely and meets all state, county and municipality rules and regulations. Many of our jobs require a complete environmental assessment before we can begin demolition, and Barker and Son will ensure a very thorough comprehensive plan for safety and job satisfaction.

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