Case Studies

Patio Cover Eureka, MO

The Problem

Shade Structure - Before ImplementationPatio Too Hot!!

Chris and Diane contacted Barker and Son Design & Construction for a shade structure because the patio on the south side of the house was just “too” hot in the summer time. They had a backyard pool they really enjoyed and were looking for some type of shade structure from the midday sun so they could spend more time in the backyard, next to the pool.

They had a temporary awning that sat on top of the existing patio, but the wind kept blowing it away, it was a pain to put up and take down, and the tarp material kept rotting out every other year. With the suns ray’s coming off the windows and siding, and the concrete patio heating up to well over 100 degree’s, the heat was so intense that their two young children could not stay outside for more than a half hour at a time. They also had a BBQ grill and a lawn set that they wanted to use rain or shine. In addition, the patio that the builder had poured was just too small for them, their kids, and their friends when they came over for outdoor events.

Proposed Solution

Shade Structure - During ConstructionIntroducing A Patio Cover To Cool Things Off

In reviewing the site, it was clear that Chris and Diane had the space available to accomplish what they wanted, which was the main thing. To accomplish this project we had three main goals in mind for a new shade structure:

  1. Build a permanently attached shade structure to the house that wouldn’t need any maintenance or effort to set up or assemble.
  2. Create a “shade space” large enough so that their BBQ grill and table and chairs could sit underneath it. It had to be a large enough area to where the grill, table and chairs could remain in one position without being moved around constantly.
  3. Expand the small patio area that the builder had built into a larger area that would open up access to the pool and traffic flow under the shade structure.

The first step was to design a patio cover and patio area, large enough to accommodate their furniture layout, and room enough for at least ten pool guests at a time.

To accomplish this we set out their existing lawn furniture and grill into an arrangement they preferred. Then we simply measured that area, including enough extra room for additional guests and traffic.

From there our design team created a blueprint of a gable/hip roof style patio cover that would attach to their house per all St. Louis county codes. From there we moved into the construction phase.

The Results

Shade Structure - After ConstructionOutstanding!

Ptio Covers are a specialty of ours; nobody builds them better or cheaper. After obtaining all the required permits and identifying where the underground utilities were, the first thing we did was modify the existing retaining wall, and dig out the area where the additional patio was to be poured.

Next we attached the patio cover frame to the house, put the roof trusses in place and then sheathed and shingled the new roof. We installed the “no maintenance” white vinyl ceiling, and then the columns holding up the structure.

Unless otherwise specified, we always match the shingles and siding of the existing home to our patio cover. To finish up we installed brand new white guttering all the way around and diverted the water into the overflow drain off the property.

When all was said and done we had created the following;

  1. A no-maintenance, permanent patio cover that reduced the temperature on the patio by at least 20 degrees!
  2. Added a 17×14 shade structure that was large enough to hold their BBQ grill, table and lawn chairs.
  3. Created additional patio space of 16×16 that was large enough to invite over all the guests they needed to enjoy their backyard pool and entertainment area.

The Testimony

For Barker and Son Design/Construction, our Patio Cover turned out great, it’s one of “showpiece” patio covers we’ve created, and we’re very proud of it.

For Chris and Diane, she said “She absolutely loved the new space and the new patio cover” and that “she knew they would spend so much more time outside by the pool, enjoying more summer hours out of doors with the kids”.


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