Double Hung WindowWindow and Door Replacement

As your home ages, the windows and doors begin to deteriorate and leak air over time, and it just makes good financial sense to replace them. Many people have saved up to 30% on their home heating bills just by changing out the right windows. This month we feature replacement windows and doors, and provide you with a good overview of the types of windows and the material choices to choose from.

Types of window replacements –

  • Casement – A window that is hinged at the side and cranks outward.
  • Awning – Hinged at the top and swings out
  • Double hung – this is a typical wall window where the upper and lower sash moves up and down.
  • Single hung – same as a double hung window except only the bottom sash is movable.
  • Slider – typically a window over a kitchen sink that will slide back and forth.
  • Specialty – Today’s manufacturers will create any type/size/shape of window that you are looking for, the possibilities are endless.

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Window Material –

Vinyl Windows – The most popular today are vinyl windows made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride). This type of window is completely maintenance free, will last forever and is probably the least expensive of all the choices. The downside is that the color cannot be changed or painted over, and when a house begins to shift, the vinyl window is not strong enough to remain square and may twist and warp.

Wood Windows – A wood window has a rich, beautiful aesthetic look and appeal to it. In addition to the natural beauty of wood, it can be painted different colors, and it’s great in older homes. Wood windows will require some type of paint or sealant over time, they are a little more expensive and if they are not taken care of, may crack, peel or warp.

Extruded Aluminum – People choose aluminum windows for their strength and durability. Tougher than most, an aluminum window will not crack, warp or distort, and it can be painted. The downside to aluminum is the energy and moisture transfer. In the extreme heat and cold of the seasons, aluminum windows will condense moisture in the summer and give away heat in the winter. An aluminum window is also going to be a little pricier than other choices.

Composite, clad and fiberglass – The remainder of choices in windows consists of a combination of composite, clad and fiberglass. These types of windows can be ordered with wood on the outside and vinyl on the inside. Clad windows are made of resins and epoxies made to resemble wood. All of these can be painted and have good insulating qualities. Fiberglass windows are very strong and maintenance free. All of these windows are going to be on the upper end of the price scale.

Doors – Doors are very similar to windows in the construction and types of material used. They have a few more choices that need to be determined such as side lights, art glass, hardware and grills. Security is always a decision when contemplating a door replacement. Steel doors with dead bolt locks will be the safest. Patio doors and sliding glass doors come in a thousand different shapes, sizes and colors.

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Cost and quality –

Each window manufacturer produces windows in differing levels of quality and cost. Depending on the application, not everyone wants the highest quality in a window. Most manufacturers have at least 3 or 4 different levels, or series of windows (series 1000, series 2000, series 3000), ranging from least expensive, to their highest quality level. Quality in a window has to do with the following factors;

  1. Welded frames and joints are sturdier than joints that have been screwed or pressed together.
  2. Some windows are angled so that water is directed to the outside.
  3. Some windows have tilt in sashes for ease of cleaning.
  4. Insulating factors are a big price point in any window selection, argon gas, low E, etc.
  5. The amount of weather stripping in a window is a huge factor of quality and price.

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Window performance characteristics –

Windows come in standard sizes or they can be customer ordered to fit. Windows can be ordered with many grill patterns, all types of hardware and can be created with single, double or triple pane glass in them. Another decision is whether or not to order Low-E windows with argon gas between the panes. Performance in a window is measured by two items; the U-factor and the SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient). U-factor tells you how well the window insulates, and the SHGC factor tells you how effective the window is at blocking the suns radiant heat. Both of these factors must rate below (.30) in order to qualify for tax credits.